The activities of the Ukrainian Alliance NGO are aimed at social activation of young people to protect their rights and freedoms, support and develop innovative ideas of citizens, raise the level of human values, promote and disseminate ideas of spiritual revival of the nation.

We realize these goals by meeting and protecting the educational, scientific, social, political, economic, creative, age, spiritual, national, cultural and other common interests and needs of young people. We form a new national elite based on the principles of education, patriotism and civic engagement.


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Ukrainian Alliance Синьо-жовтий логотип Українського Альянсу.


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Public organization
Address: 10 Khreshchatyk St., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
EDRPOU: 41672732

Phone: +380 63 169 96 02

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Chairman: Vladimir Valerievich Yurchenko

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