May 04, 2023

Leadership and civic engagement

Ukrainian youth play a crucial role in the modern development of our country.

Ukrainian Alliance Група людей з Українського Альянсу позує для фото.

It is the driving force of society and deals with the most pressing issues related to security, economy, politics, social sphere and other areas of state life.

Young people are the future of our country. Therefore, the NGO Ukrainian Alliance, together with the KNEU Law Institute, continued to implement the project of the scientific and educational direction "Leaders of the New Generation". The project is aimed at acquiring new knowledge, leadership skills, and new opportunities for self-realization and changing the world around them.

The seminar was attended by students from various universities, activists, and representatives of various NGOs.

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Ukrainian Alliance Синьо-жовтий логотип Українського Альянсу.


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