October 21, 2022

How to prepare for a meeting with SHAHED 136

We live in difficult times when there are many threats. Recently, a neighboring aggressor country has begun purchasing and actively using drones Face with Symbols on Mouth

Ukrainian Alliance Білий літак, що летить над містом.

This is a very nasty weapon that you have to be prepared to face. Answer:

Drones are UAVs controlled by an operator;

The drone cannot shoot, only explode when it hits a target (similar to the kamikaze principle);

It causes less damage than a missile, but it is harder to detect by radar and shoot down by air defense;

It also costs 20.000$, which is cheaper than missiles, so the aggressor is actively buying them;

You already know that it makes noise like a moped or a lawn mower;

If you hear it during an air raid, take cover, and avoid administrative, infrastructure, and other important facilities (even bridges and monuments);

If it flies and explodes, DO NOT LEAVE THE SHIELD IN ANY WAY, because they fly in flocks;

If you find yourself on the street, it is better to find a barrier (car, wall, fence) and stand behind it, moving in a reduced silhouette (crouching).

Unfortunately, this is a new type of weapon, so our defenders cannot shoot down all 100%s, although very few of them make it. Be careful during the air raid, especially during cloudy weather and of course... The most important thing is to stay under cover



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