October 25, 2022

We delivered aid to Sviatohirsk and Lyman

Ukraine is a country that has shown the world what unity is.

Ukrainian Alliance Члени Українського Альянсу стоять біля фургона.

An example is the Ukrainian Armed Forces and volunteers. Some heroes are liberating our lands, while others are bringing life back to them: providing the population with medicine, food, warm clothes and everything they need.

This happens quickly: after the release, 2-3 days pass and life begins to get better.

We and our partners, the All Ukraine Public Organization (@all_ukraine_public_org), have also united for an important goal: to bring prosperity back to Sviatohirsk and Lyman.

  • Humanitarian aid was provided to local residents in Sviatohirsk;
  • The company donated 500 kilograms of sugar and 400 liters of oil to Svyatohlib (where they bake bread and distribute it free of charge to those who need it);
  • In Lyman, the aid was handed over to the local council, which will be able to distribute it centrally.

We are grateful to everyone: The Armed Forces, the TRO, the All Ukraine NGO, volunteers, local councils. Together, we are a force that will defeat the enemy. So let's unite for change, joint action is the way to victory!

... And we are starting to prepare for the next trip.



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Ukrainian Alliance Синьо-жовтий логотип Українського Альянсу.


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