Допомогли ССО "АЗОВ"

Azov and the Azov Special Forces are legends of our time. At the beginning of the war, back in 2014, they defended Mariupol. Since then, it has been one of the most effective military units that wiped out the aggressor's army near Brovary in April this year and continues to do so across the country 🦾 In order to keep our legends and [...]

Підписали меморандум з ГО "Вся Україна"

That is why the Ukrainian Alliance is establishing partnerships with NGOs, charitable foundations, associations, administrations, communities, educational institutions and other institutions. And we have recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with the All Ukraine NGO. A month has not yet passed, and our joint efforts are already sending trucks with humanitarian aid to the de-occupied cities: Lyman, Chervonyi Lyman, Sviatohirsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, [...]

Передали допомогу у Святогірськ та Лиман

Ukraine is a country that has shown the whole world what unity is 🫶🏻 🇺🇦 The Armed Forces and volunteers are an example. Some heroes are liberating our lands, while others are bringing life back to them: they provide the population with medicines, food, warm clothes and everything else they need. This happens quickly: after liberation, 2-3 days pass and life begins to improve. 🤝 We and our partners [...]


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